Over the past thirty years most Christians have heard, numerous times, the arguments for tithing being law for Christians today.

TithingDebate.com is dedicated to bringing you the other side of the story. The side a portion of Christian leaders would rather you did not hear.

Is tithing really a Biblical command for Christians? Is there really a "principle of tithing"? Is what you have been taught about tithing true? Read some of the articles here; you will be surprised.

It seems that churches today have adopted Lenin's famous maxim, "the heart on fire and the brain on ice". But that was never God's will, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." (Matthew 22:37). Let the thaw begin!

The Word for Today, Bob Gass Gets Tithing Wrong

A great introduction to the debate on tithing, is tithing really law for Christians today?

"Be a Tither!" reads The Word for Today. In a single devotional message daily devotional writer Bob Gass has packed all the "tithing is for Christians" chestnuts into one compact statement. Bob has taught this as truth to a large number of Christians, and so it cannot go unchallenged. Read this point by point rebuttal of Bob's tithing statement.

Paul de Jong's Tithing Arguments Fail

In our opinion Paul de Jong, unless he can defend his tithing teaching, can no longer be held up as a tithing expert.

Paul de Jong is held up as a defender of Christian Tithing doctrine in Australia and New Zealand. But when his confident assertions on the subject were examined by tithing expert Dr. Russell Kelly they failed to stand up Biblically. And confronted with this in-depth review of his teaching Paul de Jong has, so far, not provided a rebuff to any of Dr. Kelly's points. Read for yourself Dr. Kelly's point by point analyst of Mr. de Jong's teaching. Paul de Jong is pastor of "Life Church" in Auckland, New Zealand and a board member of Riverview Church in Perth, Australia. Dr. Russell Kelly is a USA based theologian who earned his doctorate with a thesis on tithing, and is author of the book "Should The Church Teach Tithing?".

Stay tuned. Paul de Jong has been challenged to provide answers to Dr. Kelly's rebuttal. If Paul de Jong provides answers then we will publish them.

Free Book - Should The Church Teach Tithing?

- Highly Recommended -

A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine. This is a free downloadable book about tithing written by Russell Earl Kelly, PH.D. Kelly did his PH.D. on tithing, and the results are mind blowing. Compared to the guilt based and often dishonest "proofs" for tithing offered by certain Christian leaders, this book is refreshingly biblical and solidly researched. Every Christian who teaches tithing should read this book, if they cannot refute its arguments then they should stop teaching a doctrine they cannot support. If your pastor teaches tithing challenge them to read this book!

Free Book - Eating Sacred Cows

- Recommended by Dr. Derek Prince -

Here it is! The granddaddy of tithing books “Eating Sacred Cows”. Unlike the arguments supporting Christian Tithing or the so called "principle of tithing" Eating Sacred Cows is a well researched Biblically grounded work. Eating Sacred Cows has been resisted by many with a vested interest in keeping the tithing idea alive; resisted by denouncing it from the pulpit and even burning their copies - not by answering its Biblical arguments. Opponents have even admitted that Eating Sacred Cows teaches the truth, but they are afraid it would stop people giving. Whereas others have embraced its honest dealings with the facts - people like the famous Bible teacher Dr. Derek Prince who was so impressed he personally ordered twenty copies as gifts for his international council. Eating Sacred Cows was authored by Bible teacher and pastor Graeme Carlé, and was first published in 1994. Click on the link above or on the book's graphic to download your free copy (8.4 mb, PDF format).

Free Book - Tithing - Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct

- Another Free Book! -

Yet again the Lord has led a Christian to write a book exposing the current "Christian Tithing" sham - and this book is available free! Matthew Narramore's book on tithing looks like a great read. Access it online at the book's website here. The book is not a PDF download; rather the web site is the book - use the menu bar at the top to read through. And you can buy an old fashioned paper copy from the site too. Also the book's web site's home page provides an excellent summary of the arguments against tithing. Take a look!

A Study of Enforced Giving and Tithing within the Church

This paper was written to help counter the aggressive pressure the Super Apostles are putting upon their members to both tithe and give. A quick read, but a real eye-opener.

The Trial of Pastor Jones

A short court scenario that destroys most of the arguments for tithing. Fun to read, and you'll finish it in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Should you Give? New Testament Giving Supported!

While this site exposes the false doctrine of "Christian Tithing", this does not mean we are against Christian giving. We fully support free will New Testament Giving. Click on the above link to read what the Bible says about giving - it's a positive and encouraging message!

More Coming Soon!

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Why has CULTWATCH started TithingDebate.com?

Christians who honor God's Word will soon discover that "Christian Tithing" or the “principle of tithing” is not taught in the New Testament. The proponents of Christian Tithing know the Bible is not on their side and so have turned to baseless arguments, guilt inducing sermons, threats, character assassination, emotional appeals, and scripture twisting to force this invented tithing principle into the minds of Christians. But these methods are the same techniques used by the cults to manipulate and extract money from their members. By exposing this false doctrine we are preventing the encroachment of cultic techniques into the Body of Christ - we believe this is part of CULTWATCH's God directed purpose. Be aware: tithing is just one weapon in the current cultic move pushing into the Christian Church, read CULTWATCH's “Super Apostle” articles to discover the other secrets they don't want you to know.